Lesson 26: Twi Terms of Endearment | What to Call the People You Love in Twi

What are some of the cute names you use to call your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife? Sweetheart? Darling? Honey? Babe? Sweetie pie? These are all nice names that could make your partner feel special.

In today’s lesson, you’ll learn about some cute names in Twi that you can use to call your better half.

In the embedded video lesson below, I go beyond a mere pronunciation run; I break down some of the terms and give you their respective constituent meanings. This, I believe, would help you to identify and make meaning of different units when you come by them in different words, or in isolation.


Video Lesson


Twi Terms of Endearment

Twi English
ɔdɔ love
me dɔ my love
ɔdɔfoɔ loved one; beloved; lover
me dɔfo my loved one; my beloved; my lover
ɔdɔ yɛ wu LITERALLY: love is death (worth-dying-for love; eternal love)
akoma mu tɔfe; akomam’ tɔfe sweetheart (LITERALLY: candy of the heart)
ɔhemmaa queen
me hemmaa my queen
ahoɔfɛ beauty
ahoɔfɛ dua beauty tree (embodiment of beauty)
me bibini my African/black person
me buroni my Caucasian/white person
me bibini-buroni my African-Caucasian; my black-white person
ahwene pa good (precious) bead(s)
ɔbaa pa good woman
m’ade pa my good thing


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