Lesson 21: Excretory Vocabulary | Scatological Terms in Twi

I’m hoping you’ve had your breakfast by now. If you haven’t, you may want to pause here and do so before proceeding with the present lesson. If you have, please indulge me as I take you through a rather unpleasant topic.

Welcome to lesson 21 of the Twi Vocabulary course, here on LearnAkan.Com. Today, we are looking at the Twi names of some waste matter expelled from the human body.


Twi English
mfifire sweat
dwonsɔ urine
ntasuo saliva
ɛfeɛ vomit
anisuo tear
ɛta/mframa bɔne fart


(e.g. in menstruation; nsabuo)

hwennorɔ (through the nostrils)

ahorɔ (general)

amamman/amman mucous

ahobaa/barima ho nsuo

nkwaboa (plural: nkwammoa)

ejaculate/seminal fluid


agyanan faeces


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