Lesson 16: List of Twi Synonyms (Nkyerɛase Korɔ)

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In Lesson 15: List of Twi Antonyms, I advised that you try to find antonyms and synonyms of each new Twi word you learn. Doing so, I believe, will help you expand your vocabulary, consequently helping you to speed up your learning and mastering of the language.

To help you with that, I’m following the lesson on Twi antonyms with one on synonyms. If you have more synonyms which haven’t been included in the list, please contribute by leaving them in the comments section below the post.


Twi Synonyms (Nkyerɛase Korɔ)

Word (Twi) Synonym (Twi) English
mfitiaseɛ ahyɛaseɛ beginning
korɔmfoɔ owifoɔ thief
trɛ bae wide
asisie apoobɔ cheating
bebree pii many
aniha akwadworɔ lazy (feeling)
onihafoɔ ɔkwadwofoɔ


lazy person
tenten ware long/tall
atiridii huraeɛ malaria/fever
dwaeɛ ahantan pride
ako ntɔkwa


fight (noun)
osikani ɔdefoɔ rich person
abɔfra akwadaa child
mono foforɔ new
tipɛn afɛ age mate
onipa ɔdasani human being
adamfoɔ ɔyɔnkoɔ friend
ɔkwasea ogyimifoɔ



idiot/stupid person
akoa ɔsomfoɔ slave
atɛnnidie adapaatwa insult (noun)
nyansafoɔ badwemma sensible person
fitaa fufuo white
fɛwdie atweetwee ridicule (noun)
ɔsɔfoɔ ɔsɛmpakani

Nyame nipa

berɛ adaagyeɛ free time
kɛseɛ kakraka


akwantuo batatuo journey (noun)
ɔyare ne ho mfa no

ɔnte apɔ

he/she is sick/indisposed
komm dinn quiet/silence
ɔtorofoɔ kontomponi liar
nyane sɔre wake up
ahuhuro ɔhyew heat (weather)
bua yi ano answer



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