Twi Season’s Greetings | Happy Birthday, Happy Easter, Merry Christmas in Twi

Hi there! Welcome to the fourth video lesson in the Common Twi Expressions Series. In our last lesson, we learnt about the proper way of saying good morning, good afternoon and good evening in Twi, as well as how to respond to each of them.

Today, we are following up on our last lesson with one on season’s greetings in Twi. By the end of the lesson, you will be able to properly say happy birthday, happy Easter and merry Christmas in Twi. You will also be able to respond to all of these greetings.

You may watch the embedded video below, or continue reading beneath it.


Video Lesson


Twi Season’s Greetings

Happy birthday

Mema wo awoda pa

Meda wo ase (thank you) OR


Happy Easter

Mema wo Yesu wusɔreɛ da pa

Me nso mema wo Yesu wusɔreɛ da pa (I also wish…)

Merry Christmas

Afenhyia pa

Afe nkɔ mmɛto yɛn (let’s live to see another year)


Sample Dialogue

Kofi: Ama, mema wo awoda pa.

Kofi: Ama, I wish you a happy birthday.

Ama: Kofi, ɛnnɛ nyɛ m’awoda.

Ama: Kofi, today isn’t my birthday.

Kofi: Na sɛ nnɛ yɛ Buronya da.

Kofi: But today is Christmas day.

Ama: Aane. Na sɛ m’awoda nsi Buronya da.

Ama: Yes. But my birthday doesn’t fall on Christmas day.

Kofi: Yoo. Ɛnneɛ afenhyia pa!

Kofi: Okay. Then merry Christmas!

Ama: Afe nkɔ mmɛto yɛn.

Ama: Let’s live to see another year.


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