Lesson 1: List of Personal Pronouns in Twi

I welcome you to our very first vocabulary lesson at LearnAkan.Com. The lesson lists all the subject and object pronouns we have in Twi.

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Before we proceed, it is worth noting that this is only a vocabulary lesson and, as such, we will only be listing the pronouns and using them in some examples. If you’d like to know more about the workings of Twi personal pronouns, you may do so by checking out the grammar lessons linked below:

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Now let’s begin today’s lesson. You may choose to watch the video lesson embedded below, or continue reading the text beneath it.


Video Lesson


List of Twi Subject Pronouns

I me

Medwaree anɔpa

I bathed in the morning

you wo

Wodidii mprɛnsa

You ate thrice

he/she ɔno = ɔ-

Ɔkasa dodo

He/she talks a lot

it ɛno = ɛ-


It tore

we yɛn = yɛ-

asoma wɔn

We have sent them

you (pl.) mo

Moapra dan no mu?

You have swept the room?

they wɔn = wɔ-

suro kraman no

They are afraid of the dog


List of Twi Object Pronouns

me me

Kofi dwaree me anɔpa

Kofi bathed me in the morning

you wo

Mafe wo

I have missed you

him/her no

Boa no

Help him/her

it no

Ama ate no

Ama has torn it

us yɛn

Wɔresere yɛn

They are laughing at us

you (pl.) mo

Owusu frɛɛ mo

Owusu called you

them wɔn

Ampɔnsa boo wɔn

Amponsah beat them


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