Lesson 10: The Twi Names of Some Diseases and Health-related Terms

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This is lesson 10 of the Twi vocabulary course, here on LearnAkan.Com. Our last lesson explored the Twi names of some animals. The bite of some animals causes a number of diseases to humans and other animals. So, let’s equip ourselves with the Twi names of some diseases and health-related terms.


Twi Names of Some Diseases/Health Terms 

(Nyarewa ne Apɔmuden Nsɛm)

Twi English
apɔmuden health
yareɛ/yadeɛ illness/sickness
nyarewa diseases
ayaresabea hospital
ɔyaresafoɔ/dɔkota doctor
paneɛ syringe
aduro medicine/drug
odunsini herbalist
ekuro wound
asa/asaduro enema
bɛntoa enema syringe
ahokeka itch
pɔmpɔ boil
ɛtwerɛ epilepsy
atiridii fever
tipaeɛ headache
yafunu yareɛ stomach ache
ayamtim constipation
ayamtuo diarrhoea
ayamtubrafoɔ cholera
huraeɛ/atiridii malaria
huraeɛnini jaundice
kɔmpɔ goitre
babaso gonorrhoea
babaso werɛmfoɔ HIV/AIDS
kokoram cancer
nufoɔm’ kokoram breast cancer
mpete/borɔmpete chicken pox
ɛwa cough
nsamanwa whooping cough
kwata leprosy
asensene convulsion
ntehyeewa asthma
obubuafoɔ/bafan the crippled
asosie deafness
mumu dumb
anifra blindness
apampampaeɛ baldness
ahotutuo rheumatism
asikyireyareɛ diabetes
aporɔporɔ foot rot
sisiyareɛ waist pain
akyakya hunchback
kaka toothache
ntoburo/ntɛnkyɛm measles
anisobirie dizziness
nkwoe hernia
adammɔ lunacy
mmubuo paralysis
gyepim elephantiasis
konkurowaa/ɔdɔɔ dysentery
mogyaborosoɔ hypertension
kisikuro/ayamkuro ulcer
ɛfeɛ vomit
nnwodwoeɛ stroke
papu cold
kooko haemorrhoid/pile
bonini/ɔkrawa barren
kɔtewuiɛ impotence
awosoawosoɔ parkinson’s disease
dwonsɔmogya haematuria
ɛkorɔ eczema
odeepua candidiasis (yeast infection)
nsaa/nkorosankorosa rash
kakawirewire ringworm
awerɛfireyareɛ amnesia


Do you know the Twi names of other diseases that weren’t included in the list above? Please share with us in the comments section below. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and YouTube Channel, and like our Facebook Page. Thank you for reading.


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6 Responses
  1. Hi Yaw, thank you for the lesson. What a coincidence you just post this topic, cos my daughter is just ill right now.. So, can I say: Me ab)fra yare3, )y3 atiridii.
    note: ) is standing for inverted C, and 3 is for inverted 3

    1. Yaw

      Hello Jasna, Sorry to hear that.

      If you recall, in our lesson on Twi pronouns, specifically under possessive adjectives, we said “if the possessed object starts with the letter ‘a’ and follows a singular possessive adjective, we write them (the possessive adjective and the possessed object) together. An apostrophe is introduced to replace the second letter of the possessive adjective”.

      Also, “yareɛ” is the noun “sickness/disease”. The verb form (which should replace what you used in your sentence) is “yare (to get/be sick)”

      So, your sentence will be “M’abɔfra no yare atiridii yareɛ”. Or better, “Me ba no yare atiridii”

      Do wish her a speedy recovery for me.

  2. Rachel

    Hi, how are you? Lovely article! As a doctor improving my Twi-speaking ability, this article is very important to me. The Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital released a free free medical vocabulary for clinical students and healthy workers about a year or two ago. I’ve been using it and it’s been very helpful. It’s available online and amenable to change. You can include some more medical terms in it as well.

    Do you know any of the 1st aid terms in Twi, such as first aid, resuscitation, chest compressions and rescue breaths? How does one say pulse in Twi?


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