Lesson 9: Twi Expressions for Making Friends | Common Twi Expressions Series

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Our last lesson under the Common Twi Expressions module equipped us with a number of directional expressions in Twi.

Now let’s try and make some friends. Today’s lesson seeks to give us a number of Twi phrases that we can use to strike up friendly acquaintances with others.

We start.


Twi Vocabulary for Making Friends

Twi English
adamfoɔ friend
adamfo pa good friend
adamfo bɔne bad friend
Wo ho te sɛn? How are you
Me ho yɛ, na wo nso ɛ? I’m well, how about you?
Me nso me ho yɛ I’m also well

Wo din de sɛn?

Wɔfrɛ wo sɛn?

Wode sɛn?

Yɛfrɛ wo sɛn?

What is your name?

They call you what?

You’re called what?

We call you what?

Me din de Yaw

Wɔfrɛ me Yaw

Mede Yaw

Yɛfrɛ me Yaw

My name is Yaw

They call me Yaw

I’m called Yaw

(We) call me Yaw

Me yere nie This is my wife
Me mpena nie This is my girlfriend/boyfriend
Me ba baa nie This is my daughter
Me ba barima nie This is my son
Ne din de Ama/Kofi His/her name is Ama/Kofi

Mepa wo kyɛw, wo din no bio?

Mepa wo kyɛw, bɔ wo din no bio ma me

Please, your name again?

Please, repeat your name for me

Ɛyɛ me anigyeɛ sɛ yɛahyia

M’ani agye sɛ yɛahyia

Happy to meet you

Pleased to meet you

Woyɛ adwuma bɛn?

Adwuma bɛn na woyɛ?

What do you do? (work)

Ɛhe na woyɛ adwuma?

Ɛhefa na woyɛ adwuma

Where do you work?
Meyɛ adwuma wɔ sikakorabea I work at the bank
Menyɛ adwuma I don’t work
Meyɛ polisini/ɔsraani I’m a police officer/a soldier
Wonim me? Do you know me?
Aane Yes
Dabi No
Ɛkwan bɛn so na monim mo ho? How do you know each other?

Yɛyɛ adwuma baako

Yɛyɛ adwuma bom

We work at the same place

We work together

Yɛkɔ sukuu korɔ We go to the same school
Wofiri he?

Where do you come from?

Where are you from?

Wote he? Where do you live/stay?

Wokɔ sukuu wɔ he?

Wokɔ sukuu bɛn?

Where do you school?

Which school do you attend?

Borɔno bɛn na woteɛ? Which suburb do you stay/live?
Mpɔtam bɛn na woteɛ? In which community do you reside?
Mefiri Amɛrika I’m from America
Woyɛ hɔhoɔ wɔ ha? Are you a stranger here?
Mete Tafo I live/stay at Tafo
Mefiri Amɛrika nso mete Tafo I’m from America but I live at Tafo
Ɛdeɛn na ɛde wo baa ha? What brought you here?
Mebɛsuaa adeɛ I came to study
Mebaa sukuu I came to school
Mebɛwareeɛ I came to marry
Mebɛhwehwɛɛ ɔyere/okunu I came to find a wife/husband
Mebɛdii akwamma I came to spend the holidays
Mebaa no atenaseɛ I came to stay
Mebɛpɛɛ adwuma I came to find a job
Wobaeɛ no nna/abosome/mfeɛ dodoɔ sɛn ni? Since you came, how many days/months/years has it been?

Mereduru ara ni

Mereba ara ni

I just arrived

Mebɛduruiɛ no nnawɔtwe nie

Mebaeɛ no nnawɔtwe nie

It’s been a week since I arrived

It’s been a week since I came

Mepɛ wo adamfoɔ I want you as a friend
Woyɛ adamfo pa You are a good friend

M’ani sɔ w’ayɔnkofa

M’ani sɔ yɛn ayɔnkofa

I appreciate your friendship

I appreciate our friendship

W’ani gye ha asetena?

W’ani gye ha?

Are you happy with life here?

Are you happy here?/Do you like it here?

Ɛha ne Amɛrika, ɛhe na wosusu sɛ ɛhɔ yɛ dɛ pa ara? Between here and America, which place do you think is more fun?
Ɛdeɛn pa ara/pɔtee na ɛma w’ani gye Ghana ho? What at all/exactly makes you like Ghana the most?
Mo aduane Your food
Mo amammerɛ Your culture
Mo kasa Your language
Woadi mfeɛ sɛn? How old are you?
Madi mfeɛ aduonu I’m 20 years old
Na wo nso ɛ? How about you?
Me nso madi mfeɛ aduasa I’m also 30 years old
Nti da bɛn ne w’awoda? So which day is your birthday?/So when is your birthday?
Da bɛn na wɔwoo wo? On which day were you born?
Wɔwoo me Yawoada, Ayɛwohomumɔ da a ɛtɔ so aduonu-num wɔ afe apem, aha nkron aduowɔtwe nson I was born on Thursday, June 25, 1987.
Wɔwoo wo bosome bɛn mu? In which month were you born?
Ɔpɛpɔn January
Wo ne hwan na ɛteɛ? Whom do you live with?
Me ne me wɔfa/maame/papa/nuabaa/wɔfaase na ɛteɛ I live with my uncle/mum/dad/sister/niece
Me ne m’awofoɔ/m’abusuafoɔ na ɛteɛ I live with my parents/relatives
Me nko ara na meteɛ I live alone

Metumi bɛsra wo?

Mɛtumi abɛsra wo?

Can I come and visit you?

Metumi frɛ wo?

Mɛtumi afrɛ wo?

Can I call you
Wowɔ abɛɛfo kwantenpɔn intanɛt so? Are you online?

Edin bɛn na wode wɔ hɔ?

Edin bɛn na mɛtumi de ahwehwɛ wo wɔ so?

What is your username there?

What name can I search you there with?

Wo nuanom yɛ sɛn? How many are your siblings?
Wowɔ nnamfoɔ dodoɔ sɛn? How many friends do you have?

Meda wo ase pa ara

Meda wo ase pii

Thank you very much

Thank you a lot


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