Lesson 6: Twi Food Vocabulary (Nnuane)

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Hi, I welcome you to lesson 4 of the Twi Vocabulary course, here on LearnAkan.Com. Today, we are going to look at FOODS. How do you say, for example, rice in Twi? Or, how do you say yam or potato in Twi? We’ll look at these and more in this lesson.

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Twi Names of Some Food Items

Twi English
bankye cassava
borɔdeɛ plantain
gyeene onion
mako pepper
ɛmo rice
ɛmmɔre dough
nyaadewa garden egg
nkuruma okro
adua bean
aborɔbɛ pineapple
aburoo maize
nɛnkyemɔɔno/ntoosi tomato
akekaduro ginger
kwadu banana
nkyene salt
asikyire sugar
borɔferɛ pawpaw
ankaa orange
ankaa twadeɛ lime
nkateɛ peanut/groundnut
aborɔdwomaa potato
bayerɛ yam
mankani cocoyam
nkontomire cocoyam leaves
kosua (plural: nkosua) egg
anwa vegetable oil
esiam flour
paanoo/burodo bread
koobi salted and dried tilapia
kube coconut
abɛ palm fruit
(abɛ) ngo palm oil
adwe palm kernel
adwe ngo palm kernel oil
paya pear
ɛmane herring
mmɔnkɔ lobsters
nwa snail
kɔtɔ crab
atadwe tigernut
mogyanam meat
nsuomnam fish
prakonam pork
nantwinam beef
odwannam mutton
atosodeɛ vegetables
ahwedeɛ sugarcane


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