Lesson 20: States, feelings, emotions in Twi | Twi Vocabulary

Anger, love, hatred, selfishness, pride, pity, shame, envy, etc. Let’s take a quick look at the Twi names for these and other emotions in our twentieth vocabulary lesson.

In our previous lesson, lesson 19 of the Twi vocabulary course, we explored the Twi names of some basic shapes. You may check that lesson out here.

We begin.


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States, Feelings, Emotions in Twi

abufuo anger
ahodwiri astonishment
aniha boredom
akokoɔduro courage
anibere/ahoɔyaa envy/jealousy
ehu fear
anigyeɛ happiness
ɔtan hatred
ayamyɛ kindness
ɔdɔ love
ahummɔborɔ pity
ahantan pride/arrogance
nnuho/ahonu remorse
pɛsɛmenkomenya selfishness
aniwuo shame
fɛreɛ shyness
nwanwa surprise
awerɛhoɔ sadness


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