Lesson 12: Twi Names of Some Domestic Items and Related Terms

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The present lesson, lesson 12 of the Twi vocabulary course, lists the Twi names of a number of household items and related terms.

In our last vocabulary lesson, we looked at some family and relationship terms in Twi. I hope you’ve had time to go over the various constructions in that lesson.

Now let’s come home; look at the Twi names of some domestic items.


Twi Names of Some Household Items

Twi English
akonnwa chair
adamadwa writing chair
ɛpono table
didipono eating table
mpa bed
sumiiɛ pillow
sumiiɛ nnuraho pillowcase
ntoma cloth
ntomago rag
kɛtɛ mat
mpasotam/nnasoɔ bedsheet
kuntu/adasoɔ blanket
ɛpono door
mpoma window
ahwehwɛ mirror
ahwehwɛniwa eyeglasses/spectacles
asa so hall
piam chamber/bedroom
abranaa so veranda
praeɛ broom
fononoo oven
atere spoon
kwantere ladle
wɔma pestle
waduro mortar
kɛntɛn basket
bokiti bucket
towuro/mpopaho towel
wisie smoke
sekammoa knife
nkrantɛ cutlass
samina soap
sapɔ sponge
prɛte/taforabɔtɔ plate
sɔneeɛ sieve
adinam fork
muka/asommurofi hearth
mukaase kitchen
adwareeɛ bathroom
adidibea dining place
afe comb
kanea lantern
kuruwaba chamber pot
akuma axe
ɛban/fasuo fence/wall
burogya matches
apasoɔ scissors
paneɛ needle
twerɛdua pen/pencil
tɔmmɛ (drinking) glass
kuruwa cup
kyiniiɛ umbrella
akasanoma/akasafidie radio set
nku pomade


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