Lesson 25: Some Twi Directional Vocabulary | Twi Vocabulary

We will be looking at ways to ask and give directions in Twi much later under the Common Twi Expressions series. And, to prepare you for those lessons, the present lesson seeks to introduce you to some directional vocabulary items that we will be using.

If you need help with the pronunciations of the items covered in this lesson, please watch the embedded video below.


Video Lesson


Some Twi Directional Vocabulary

anim front
akyire; akyi back
ɛsoro; soro top; up
ɛfam; fam down
ɛha; ha here
ɛhɔ; hɔ there
emu; mu in; inside
nkyɛnmu sideways
mfimfini middle; centre
aseɛ under
ntam between
benkum left
nifa right
benkum so left side
nifa so right side
nsa benkum so left-hand side
nsa nifa so right-hand side
atifi north
anaafoɔ south
apueeɛ east
atɔeɛ west
atifi-apueeɛ north-east; upper east
atifi-atɔeɛ north-west; upper west
anaafoɔ-apueeɛ south-east
anaafoɔ-atɔeɛ south-west
tee straight
anim tee straight ahead; straight forward
nkwanta junction

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