Lesson 9: The Twi Names of Some Animals (Mmoa)

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Hi, welcome back to the Twi vocabulary course. In our last lesson, we learned about Numbers | How to count in Twi. I do hope your practice with the numbers is going well.

In today’s lesson, lesson 9 of the Twi vocabulary course, we are going to learn the Twi names of some animals. I certainly cannot give the Twi names of all the animals there are but I’ll try to list as many as I can. If you have extra vocabulary regarding animal names, you may contribute by leaving them in the comments section below the post.

Let’s begin.

Twi Names of Some Animals

Twi English
ɔkra/agyinamoa cat
ɔkraman dog
kraman bedeɛ bitch
akura mouse
koterɛ lizard
tɛtea ant
nhohoa red ant
hahini soldier ant
ntutummɛ locust
kotokurodu wasp
wowa bee
apɔnkye/abirekyie goat
odwan sheep
odwannini ram
odwan bedeɛ ewe
nantwie cattle
nantwie bedeɛ cow
nantwinini bull
nantwie ba calf
mfɔteɛ/nkanka termite
adoe monkey
ɔsono elephant
adanko rabbit
pɔnkɔ horse
afunumu donkey
huruiɛ tsetsefly
gyata lion
ɔsebɔ tiger
etwie/ɔsebɔ leopard
afofantɔ butterfly
akranteɛ grasscutter
okusie rat
edwie lice
akokromfi praying mantis
bonsu whale
oboodede shark
kɔtɔkɔ porcupine
apɛsɛ brush-tailed porcupine
ntontom mosquito
ananse spider
abɛbɛ grasshopper
sommorɔ tick
nsonkuronsuo bedbug
opuro squirrel
opurohemaa forest squirrel
amoakua ground squirrel
ɔmampam monitor lizard
ɔforoteɛ deer
adowa antelope
susono hippopotamus
ɔwɔ snake
ɔwea potto (tree bear)
nkrane driver ants
prako pig
prakonini boar
prako bedeɛ sow
ɔdɛnkyɛm crocodile
pataku; ofui hyena
apan bat
nankwaasere flying fox
aprawa pangolin
ɔwansane bushbuck
kankane civet
sakraman jackal
oyoyo eel
pɔnkɔ ba foal
trɔmo bongo
ɔbankuo/amankuo beetle
tɛfrɛ cockroach
nwansena housefly
ɛkoɔ buffalo
sonsono earthworm
nyanyankyerɛ scorpion
anomaa/ntakraboa bird
akokɔ fowl (cock/hen)
akokɔ bedeɛ hen
akokɔnini cock
ɔkɔdeɛ eagle
akɔmfɛm guinea fowl
pɛtɛ/kɔkɔsakyi vulture
anene/kwaakwaadabi crow
yoma camel
kɔtɔ crab
kankabi millipede
sakasaka centipede
akyekyedeɛ tortoise
katakyire cricket
akorɔma hawk
abosomakoterɛ chameleon
sisire bear
dabodabo duck
nanka adder
patuo owl

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27 Responses
    1. Yaw

      Hi Yinzebil, we call it ‘kɔkɔhwedeɛ’ in Twi. Unfortunately, I don’t know how it’s called in English. I’ll ask around and let you know if something comes up. Thanks

    1. Yaw

      Hi Baffour, ‘akokɔ’ is ‘a fowl’ and ‘wedeɛ’ is ‘skin’. So, if you really mean ‘akokɔ wedeɛ’, then it’s ‘the skin of a fowl’. If, on the other hand, you meant ‘akokɔ bedeɛ’, then it’s simply ‘a hen’.

  1. Rachel

    Lovely lesson! I was quite surprised to learn that there was a Twi word for civet! I was taught in primary school that the Twi word for monkey is ɔkwakuo. Is that correct? Also would a male dog be called an ɔkramannini, a male cat an angyinamoanini and a female cat an agyinamoa bedeɛ? What is the Twi word for a weaver bird?

  2. Yaw Addo

    This is a nice compilation you have made. But the animals you have to put in context are animals that are found in Africa and so they were able to be named by our ancestors. I think some would need a Little tweaking like:
    Ɔmampam- monitor lizard
    Sakraman- jackal
    Apɛsɛ- brush-tailed porcupine

    1. Yaw

      Lol, I understand why you think so Richard. But that is actually the correct spelling; what you spelt (adwe) is “(palm) kernel”. Thank you very much for the contribution.

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