Lesson 7: Some Ghanaian Dishes

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Have you eaten today? If you haven’t, you may want to do so before proceeding because I’m going to whet your appetite. Well, not exactly. I’ll do that when I produce a video for this).

Following from Lesson 6: Twi Vocabulary For Foods (Nnuane), the present lesson lists a number of Ghanaian dishes that you’re likely going to try if you visit the motherland.


Ghanaian Dishes/Meals

1. fufu

2. waakye

3. banku

4. ampesie

5. jollof

6. gari ne adua

7. kɔkɔɔ a yɛakye (fried ripe plantain)

8. bayerɛ a yɛakye (fried yam)

9. koko (porridge)

10. koose

11. nkuruma nkwan (okro soup)

12. akyɛkɛ

13. tuo zaafi

14. forɔyɛ/abomu (stew/sauce)

15. akao

16. dɔkono (kenkey)

17. nkate-nkwan (peanut/groundnut soup)

18. ɛtɔ

19. kokonte/abeteɛ

20. kelewele

21. abɛ nkwan (palm nut soup)

22. nkyenam (fried fish)

23. kyikyinga (kebab) 

24. apapransa

25. shito

26. garifotɔ

27. akplɛ


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