Lesson 11: Family-Related Twi Vocabulary | Kinship and Other Related Twi Terms

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Our last lesson under the Twi vocabulary module taught us the Twi names of some diseases and health terms.

If you’ve ever lived with Ashantis, you’d notice how important the concept of family is to them. Given the chance, the average Ashanti can tell you so much about his/her lineage, from his/her great-great-grandparents all the way down to the last grandchild. It is therefore important that we acquaint ourselves with some family/relationship terms to be able to understand them when they tell us about a relation, and also be able to tell them about ours. This informs our choice of topic today.

Join me, as we tease out a number of Twi terms used to identify the relationships we have with people within and outside the family. If you have more relationship terms that weren’t included in the list, please leave them in the comments section below the post.

Okey-doke, let’s start.


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Family-Related Twi Vocabulary

Twi English
abusua family
abusuani family member
abusuapanyin family head
ɔwofoɔ parent
ɔbaa woman
ɔbarima man
agya/papa/ɔse father
ɛna/maame/oni mother
abɔfra/akwadaa baby
onua sibling
onuabaa sister
onuabarima brother
agya/papa/papa nuabarima paternal uncle
sewaa paternal aunt
wɔfa maternal uncle
maame/maame nuabaa maternal aunt
nana (differentiated by intonation) grandparent/grandchild
nanabarima grandfather
nanabaa grandmother
nanabarima prenu great grandfather
nanabaa prenu great grandmother
awareɛ marriage
ayeforɔ wedding
ayefoyere bride
ayefokunu bridegroom
okunu husband
ɔyere wife
asew/ase in-law
asebarima father-in-law
asebaa mother-in-law
akonta brother-in-law
akumaa sister-in-law
akorafoɔ rivals
okunafoɔ widow
abarimaa boy
abaayewa girl
ɔbabarima son
ɔbabaa daughter
abanoma adopted child
agyanka orphan
onua/wɔfa ba/sewaa ba cousin
wɔfaase niece/nephew
ntafoɔ twins
ahenasa triplets
ahenanan quadruplets
osigyani barima bachelor
osigyani baa spinster
adamfoɔ friend
mpenatweɛ dating
mpena boyfriend/girlfriend
ɔdehyeɛ royal
ɔdɔfoɔ a loved one
akoma mu tɔfe sweetheart
akɔkora old man
aberewa old woman
piesie/abakan first-born child
kaakyire last-born child
aberanteɛ young man
ababaawa young woman


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