Lesson 8: How to Give Directions in Twi

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In our last lesson, we looked at the how to introduce ourselves in Twi, and a few basic phrases. The present lesson, lesson 8, explores a number of directional expressions in Twi. If you ever find yourself giving or receiving a direction to/from an Akan speaker, this lesson, I believe, will be very useful.


Directions in Twi

Twi English
atifi north
anaafoɔ south
apueeɛ east
atɔeɛ west
atifi-apueeɛ north-east/upper east
atifi-atɔeɛ north-west/upper west
anaafoɔ-apueeɛ south-east
anaafoɔ-atɔeɛ south-west
benkum left
nifa right
(nsa) benkum so left-hand side
(nsa) nifa so right-hand side
mfimfini middle
aseɛ under
ɛso/ɛsoro top/up
anim front
akyire back
emu inside
nkyɛnmu sideways/beside
nkwanta junction
mane/dane turn
dane wo ho turn around
kɔ w’akyi go back
kɔ w’anim go forward
bra come
bra w’anim come forward
tena ha sit here
hwɛ w’anim look forward
hwɛ w’akyi look back
hwɛ fam look down
hwɛ soro look up
pagya wo ti raise your head
hwɛ wo nifa so look to your right
hwɛ wo benkum so look to your left
kɔ w’anim tee go straight ahead
sɔre/gyina hɔ stand
mane wo benkum so turn to your left
mane wo nifa so turn to your right
kɔ w’akyi na mane wo benkum so go back and turn left
kɔ w’akyi na mane wo nifa so go back and turn right
kɔ w’anim na mane wo nifa so go forward and turn right
dua no ase under the tree


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