Lesson 2: Days of the Week in Twi

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This is our second lesson under the Twi Vocabulary module. In our first lesson, we listed all the subject and object pronouns there are in Twi, and went on to use each in an example. If you missed that lesson, you can click here to check it out.

From the lesson, you will learn the Twi names of the days of the week. I will also introduce you to a special form of naming by the Akan people that is based on the specific day of the week that one is born.

You may watch the video lesson below, or proceed to read the text beneath it.


Video Lesson


Days of the Week in Twi

Days (Twi) Days (English)
Ɛdwoada Monday
Ɛbenada Tuesday
Wukuada Wednesday
Yawoada Thursday
Efiada Friday
Memeneda Saturday
Kwasiada Sunday


The Akan people have a naming system by which people get named based on the day of the week that they are born. We call these “day names” Kradin (Soul names). Below, I list the days of the week in Twi, along with the respective male and female soul names given to persons born on each day.


Akan Soul Names (Kradin)

Days (Twi) Male Names Female Names
Ɛdwoada Kwadwo Adwoa
Ɛbenada Kwabena Abena
Wukuada Kwaku Akua
Yawoada Yaw Yaa
Efiada Kofi Afia
Memeneda Kwame Ama
Kwasiada Kwasi Akosua


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