Lesson 5: Colours in Twi (Ahosuo)

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Are you familiar with the colours of the Ghana national flag? Can you say those colours in Twi?

Hi, you’re welcome to lesson 5 of the Twi Vocabulary course. This lesson takes a look at the Twi names of some basic colours. Unlike in English, Twi does not make distinctions between many shades of colours. This lesson will, therefore, be a short one.

You may watch the video lesson embedded below, or continue reading beneath it.


Video Lesson


Colours in Twi

Akan (Twi) English
kɔkɔɔ red
tuntum black
fitaa/fufuo white
ahabammono green
akokɔsradeɛ yellow
sika kɔkɔɔ gold
bibire blue
dodoeɛ brown
nsonso ash/grey
memen pink
beredum/afasebiri purple
nsisimu spotted


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