Lesson 14: Twi Names of Some Tools and Equipment

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Thanks to other lessons, I’m sure you can now tell the time and have also added up to your lexicon a number of time/period expressions in Twi.

Now, let’s move away from the time-related topics to a different thematic area. Let’s look at the Twi names of some common tools and equipment that aid in our day-to-day activities. If you know of the Twi name of any tool that didn’t make it unto the list below, please contribute by leaving it in the comments section below the post.


Twi Names of Some Common Tools and Equipment

Twi English
apasoɔ scissors
dadewa (plural: nnadewa) nail
krado padlock
safoa key
afidie machine
adepam afidie sewing machine
nnoɔmasie afidie washing machine
paneɛ needle
nkontabuo afidie calculator
 ahomatorofoɔ telephone
twerɛdua pen/pencil
krataa paper
dua wood
ntaaboo planks
dadeɛ metal
ɛboɔ/ɛboba stone
sekammoa knife
nkrantɛ cutlass
asɔ hoe
akuma axe
fatuo dadeɛ pickaxe
sofi shovel
asesawura dustpan
praeɛ broom
kasafidie radio set
ahwehwɛ mirror
ahwehwɛniwa spectacles
ahoma rope
adaka box
nikanika mill
bɛntoa enema syringe
adinam fork
sɔneeɛ sieve
afe comb
atwedeɛ ladder
waduro mortar
wɔma pestle
kanea lantern
asradaa saw
kuruwaba chamber pot


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